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Doing a short interview with SCATV during ArtBeat. Did anyone catch the live broadcast? 

- Vincent

Photo is courtesy SCATV 

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Our friend Julia, owner of Seven Sisters Gifts. If you’re on the Cape you should stop in. Bonus: there’s gelato next door! #capecod #sevensistersgifts

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Stopped in at Seven Sisters Gifts in Eastham on the Cape. It’s our first time visiting the shop. They sell our beach and nautical themed items. Here’s the great display they put together. #sevensistersgifts #capecod

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Horseshoe Crab

This will be our newest card design! We plan to add a few more zoological cards as well as botanical cards in the coming months. 

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Back in Boston to package orders. Many, many robin eggs for this one! #soap

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Our booth at ArtBeat in Davis Square. #artbeat #somerville

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At ArtBeat today in Somerville. Our booth is directly across from Diesel Cafe (which has the best food and drinks by the way). Come see us! We’re here until 6p. And the weather is great! #artbeat #somerville #event

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Sent in another $131 in donations to The Pollinator Partnership today. 

Also, a big thank you to Cambridge Naturals for purchasing an order of our bee cards for their store! 

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We’ve had a lot of visitors stop by looking for the old cafe. It’s been closed for at least a year, but the sign is still hanging. We need to hire some help to get it down (it’s massive and hanging maybe 12 feet up). Until then, I’ve put this temporary note on the front door. Hopefully we will have many more visitors once we open. #pelhamstore

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The storefront on a sunny day. We can’t wait to have an open sign out front. For now we’ve got the cafe’s old closed sign. #pelhamstore

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